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Why is this changing?

You may have heard that Facebook is phasing out Facebook Credits in place of a new payment system. That's one reason that we're changing the program. However, we've been working on offering alternative rewards for several months now, which is the second (and most important) reason we're making these changes. We wanted to offer people who weren't interested in Facebook Credits something different, and we think you'll be excited by the new rewards you can earn.

What is changing?

When can I expect these changes?

These changes will be live sometime on July 31st. You'll see a new modern design and layout, additional rewards to choose from, and the beginning of Plink Points. We'll send another email when the changes are live.

What does this mean?

Instead of earning Facebook Credits like you currently do, you'll now start earning Plink Points. Plink Points are redeemable in $5 increments for rewards like Facebook Credits, Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards and more! A complete list of rewards is coming soon.

How does this affect me?

Instead of seeing "Earn up to 7 Facebook Credits" you'll now see "Earn up to 100 Plink Points". As you participate and make purchases at partner locations, you'll start accruing Plink Points and bank them to save up for a reward of your choice and then redeem them when it's convenient for you.

Why do I have to collect 500 Plink Points to redeem?

We work with a third-party vendor to actually provide you with your chosen award (Facebook Credits, Gift Cards, etc.). Right now, there's a technical limitation on the minimum amount that we can redeem for rewards with our third-party vendor. We're working on that, and we hope to eventually have both a lower minimum amount as well as a greater variety of rewards. We are instant gratification-types ourselves, so we get it--we're just not able to enable micropayments at this time.

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